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editing the summer festival vlog I’ve been recording on my gopro and I look absolutely miserable, especially in this shot 🗿
Big thanks to lomography for having me last night! 📷😊
☔️ i love rain ☔️
Finished reading Kate Tempests book “Brand New Ancients” days ago. This was my favourite page.
Q: why can't it be "lets talk about how beautiful everyone is"??? Why is it just one skin tone? Everyone is beautiful no matter their complexion because social boundaries shouldn't separate how we think of ourselves. We're all human beings, lets all be beautiful together. Lets not leave of appreciation of some "races" as we try to appreciate the beauty of a certain section of people. (this is not hate please don't yell at me, just my opinion)
Asked by masbonitaquetu
"James Blake, Im Overgrown"